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ACEP Secretariat:


Office #. 704, Caesar Tower, ST-10, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi -75530


Telephone: +92-21-3280 2626

E-mail: info@acep.org.pk


URL:     www.acep.org.pk



ACEP Executive Council:


Engr. M. Waseem Asghar



Engr. M. Siddiq Essa

Immediate Past President


Engr.Khalid Mirza

Vice President


Engr. Wasif Nazar Siddiqui

Honorary Secretary


Engr. Muhammad Shafiqe

Honorary Treasurer


Engr. Asim Inam Osmani

Member, Multi


Engr. Rehan ul Ambia

Member, Multi


Engr. Kamran Siddiqui

Member, Civil


Engr. Tauqir Ali Khan

Member, Civil


Engr. Atique Baig

Member, Civil


Engr. M. Tanveer Ahsan

Member, Civil


Engr. M. Zia ul Mustafa

Member, Electrical


Engr. Safwan Ali

Member, Electrical


Engr. Syed Nadeem Arif

Member, Other


Engr. Fahad Hasan Yousuf

Member, Mechanical




About ACEP


The Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan (ACEP) was founded in 1989 as a registered non-profit society to promote advancement of the profession of Consulting Engineers in Pakistan, disseminate engineering knowledge amongst members, foster ethical practices in engineering services sector and promote fraternity between public and private sectors. ACEP now has 120 members with its head office at Karachi and chapter offices at Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.


ACEP is a representative body of consulting engineers in Pakistan and is the only body of consulting profession recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as the most representative body and represents Pakistan as international level, being also the only member of International Federation of National Association of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).


ACEP protects the right of Consultants and provides a neutral forum to take up issues with Government and International Agencies to enhance the working relationship between these organizations and the Consultants. ACEP also serves as a body to which any Government agency can seek help or assistance in developing policies and legislation that is required to be passed through parliament and other legislative bodies.


ACEP Members provide services in variety of disciplines, some of them are strong in a particular discipline while the large ones are multi-disciplinary companies. If need be there can be combinations or consortiums of consulting houses to fulfill the needs of a client to his entire satisfaction. Many of them have worked as a partner in a joint venture at home and abroad. In fact ACEP Members are capable professionals to work with.


ACEP is officiated to FIDIC (International Federation of National Association of Consulting Engineers), ASPAC (The Asia-Pacific Grouping of FIDIC Member Associations) and TCDPAP (Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and the Pacific). Member firms are individually registered with international development financing institutions.


ACEP subscribes to the general principles and standards of professional code of conduct laid down by FIDIC.


ACEP Elections are held every 2 years. Engr. M. Waseem Asghar was elect President and Engr. Wasif Nazar Siddiqui as Hon. Secretary in 2020. less









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